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 12/10 - 14/10 ::3 New Members::

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PostSubject: 12/10 - 14/10 ::3 New Members::   12/10 - 14/10 ::3 New Members:: I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 10:38 pm

Hello all, as you know many people ask to join the clan every day.

In the past we did a poll on who could join, and it turned out some of those
people were hackers. This is something that can harm the clan's image, so we
kicked them immediately.

If you kick people, spots come free. We'd like to have a restricted amount of
slots in our clan. 18 active players is enough, since we will not be able to
war with all of them at the same time.

This week is the week we will announce the the list of players
who can join our clan next week. At the moment 3 spots are available
and we will look at the forum recruitement page and make a decision by the
end of the week.

Any people who ask to join the clan will be added to the following list.

The list:

- GoD
- Mr. Black
- Fox
- Devlin
- Bruce
- Juice
- Dizzy

Quote :
This is a checklist for those who want to know on what we base
our decision:

1. Play css alot.

=> So you'll be able to join a war at anytime.

3. Be at least a Low+ class of player.

4. Play on our server alot.

5. Be kind to other members and obey the rules on our server.

==> we will check the players during this week if they match these points.
We will also base our decisions on what we remember of you.

12/10 - 14/10 ::3 New Members:: Scqknl
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12/10 - 14/10 ::3 New Members::
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