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PostSubject: ::[sX] Public Server Rules::   ::[sX] Public Server Rules:: I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2009 11:14 pm


Suicidal X only cares about gaming. Unlike other servers, we will never ban people.

In order to keep a friendly environment, however, we have certain ethics we would like people
to live up to.

* Terrorists can camp in order to keep their hostages.

* Counter-Terrorists can NOT camp, they need to save the hostages.

* Do not kill the hostages on purpose.

* No offensive sprays are allowed.

* Try not to spam the mic.

* Show respect to eachother. Feeling frustration is a human process, just don't take it TOO far.

Offenders will get multiple warnings, if they show invonvenient behaviour. Provocation can lead to the maximum
punishment of a 1 day ban.

If you have any other questions/complaints, please click THIS LINK

::[sX] Public Server Rules:: Scqknl
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::[sX] Public Server Rules::
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