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 story 2 read and have fun.

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PostSubject: story 2 read and have fun.   Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:07 pm

story 2

ok this 1 i have workt realy hard for so plzz coment after read.

parasite banaparte:napoleon.
ant:king of eng
eddy: france king of sea
rise: noob of sea.

it was an warm day in the middle of summer(cherry santa time) the year 1810 when parsite bonaparte was the big leder of france. ant was on the other part king of little britan.that was the two heros where are the to middle guys? ooh over there its eddy the king of sea and over there with his ps2 gaming.....sea war???
hey hey hey rise ps2 ist made jet. what?? darn, i was the ruller of the sea there.
well the guy that was gamming ps2 was rise the noob of sea. now let the story begin.

it was an warm day in the middle of summer the year 1810 when the leaders send theyr men out on sea. rise good luck u will need it.
at the same time eddy good luck go out and pown those noobs.
i will parasite.
the same day was eddy out on the sea in a mission to take the vest-indian coast.
but rise was on the same mission.

acheron (rise ship)

ok lads we are now on mission for england. we must take the vest-indian coast.
yeaaaaa. so get to work men.

stockie (eddys ship)

to day we will take and kill a lot. we will all die, but not today, today we will strike as hard as we can.

the fog was deap and the night came on them. and rise was laying in waint for eddy.


mr.hollum(second command) i think i heard a battle drum.
from were did u hear that?? 2 points east sir.
mr.hollum lookt out that was and then he saw it an black silhouette.
men drum on the battle drum! aye aye.
capt.eddy! im glad u are here take the scope i saw a black silhouette
2 point east. i dont se a thing mr.hollum.did any1 else see it. well u did the right mr.hollum.
but then eddy lokkt in the scope again but nothing to se.
but then a red light shine in the fog.
everybody get down.
and then a full bordside of cannon balls hit the ship.
turn the ship to east and give them an bordside.
capt we dont reach em with the cannons
what and they are a lot faster than us.
what is that demon ship.
sir its name is the acheron
we have only 1 way to survive we must sail in the fog and hide there.
but sir they have ruind our..........
so we cant turn
we must use the life boats to pull the ship

some time later they were out of the fog.
but hardly damaged.

mr.hollum damage report.
sir we are hardly dagamged,2 cannons lost,the big mast is broken
and the water flows in.
sir we must get to the cost as fast as we can.
no! when we are done fix at the ship they will be allmoast at vest-india.
but sir what shal we do??
we shal fix the ship here
5hours and a lot of wood later.
we are now clear to go captn.
the night was over them and the leders on the ship had a meting.
we must go after then and sink their ship.
how can we do that to get close enouth we must be bloody invisible.
it knockt on the door''captn it is some u shuld see here''
and when eddy got on the deck. its the fantom sir the acheron.
this is the second time he go on me like that it shal not be a third time.
turn the ship. but captn it is way faster than us.
but it is dark so it only see the lanterns but we need em.
i have an ideas sir. what is ur idea mr.hollum.

then all of em put together an fleet of wood, barels and lanterns
ok mr.hollum becuse it is ur idea u can go out on it.
they put the fleat right behind the ship so when they turnd of 1 lanternt they turnd 1 on on the fleat so in the dark it look like the fleet was the ship.
and then they sailed around em.
hurray for mr. hollums exselent idea.
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PostSubject: Re: story 2 read and have fun.   Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:37 pm

Woop Woop, great story Rise!

Capt Eddy ftw
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PostSubject: Re: story 2 read and have fun.   Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:30 pm

i think i know the plan of mister hollum from a movie, but i can't remember the name...

Am i right rise? Razz

great story hope it will be concluded or continued Very Happy

GO ENGLAND -- not xD

greetz ANT
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PostSubject: Re: story 2 read and have fun.   Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:14 pm

Awesome story rise xD

I loved mr. hollum's plan. If you figured that plan out yourself, than you're a geniuz!

My favourite sentence was : 5hours and a lot of wood later.
Somehow i love wood... (wonder why beav beav)

And i love how you describe place, time and conditions. You're very good at making
the story alive.

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PostSubject: Re: story 2 read and have fun.   Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:11 pm

lol cool story pirat
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PostSubject: Re: story 2 read and have fun.   

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story 2 read and have fun.
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