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PostSubject: RIDDLE BLOOPERS   Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:10 am

first one:
[sX] Eddy: When is it bad luck to meet a white cat?
Ky^: if ur in africa :-D
[sX]ANT[BE] - sonofsins: good one
Parasite_Evil: hahahaha
Parasite_Evil: xD
[sX]ANT[BE] - sonofsins: xD
[sX] Eddy: xD
Parasite_Evil: hahahahaah xD
[sX] Eddy: np
[sX] Eddy: no
Parasite_Evil: HAHAHahx D
[sX] Eddy: xD
[sX]ANT[BE] - sonofsins: LOL ROFL
Parasite_Evil: STOP
Parasite_Evil: xD
Parasite_Evil: hahaha xD
[sX]ANT[BE] - sonofsins: hhhhhahahahhahaahaha
Ky^: :-o im not rasist i promise :-D
[sX]ANT[BE] - sonofsins: xD
Parasite_Evil: i think i woke up everyone xD
[sX] Eddy: lets give ky the point for being funny
Parasite_Evil: laughing so hard xD
[sX] Eddy: xD
Parasite_Evil: YES !
Parasite_Evil: xD
[sX]ANT[BE] - sonofsins: SAME
[sX]ANT[BE] - sonofsins: xD
Ky^: :-D
[sX] Eddy: 1 POINT TO KY
[sX]ANT[BE] - sonofsins: ahahahahahahahhaahhaha
[sX] Eddy: XD
Parasite_Evil: hahaha xD
[sX] Eddy: lolol
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