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 ::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]--

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::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]-- Empty
PostSubject: ::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]--   ::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]-- I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2009 5:47 pm

One hell of a fight today, well... not realy.

Since Big Boo set up a new server, we decided to go play over there a bit. Dust2 got a bit boring after a while,
so we tried to set up a war on the server. Map changed to office and Kyle started telling us what to do in a war.
Tactics were learned by heart and after some rounds of practising we decided to test these things for real.

It took a few mins, but after alot of searching a clan named DRUCKWELL9 joined us for a 4on4. (that's alot of fours)

First rounds started of great. We won without any trouble thanks to kyle's tactical knowlege.

::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]-- 2vkaqno

It took us about 4-5 rounds to finaly lose a round.
At both sides 3 people died, so Big Boo had to cover projector room by himself. When he saw a shadow at the left door
he tried to shoot the guy, but the smartass kept quiet and waited. Atleast, that's what we thought. Big boo tried to hide
him behind a plant near the couch, great spot, but when he turned around it was too late. CT went around and was able
to win their first round.

We didn't want this to happen again, so we concentrated on winning again. What followed was great teamwork and
awesome pownage. We won the next rounds 14-1, and made a great second win.

Up next is some more office wars. And afte that we are ready to learn kyle's tactics for dust2.
Let's see if we can beat some other clans !!!

::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]-- Scqknl
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::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]-- Empty
PostSubject: Re: ::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]--   ::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]-- I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 9:38 pm

you sucked again para Razz

great job guys, sad i wasn't there for the tactics :'(

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::Clan.War:: --[sX] vs. [DRUCKWELL9]--
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