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 the camping trip

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PostSubject: the camping trip   Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:39 am

hi all now lets get to the story.
when done read story comment plzzz.

it was a nice monday morning the guys get allowd 2 go camp the ekscue was '' we gonna help ant and para 2 study'' and it workd.
soo now they pack theyr backs rise take his ak47 with him(he only get the licens becuse he told the man that he wuld come back til he did it) when they were at the camping spot rise did not care about the tent he want 2 kill a moose he saw. but he misst with scope at 5m distanse '' Nooooooooooooooo. wtf how culd i miss'' ''yea,yea thats life rise u not allways hit.
''i go hunting again now i am mad'' when rise was gone '' i bet 25$ on rise dont get any food'' ''u so on ant''
at the same time with rise. the forest was dark the trees wispred and the air was hevy, but then he saw it the gost of noobines affraid (no i kiding with ya) it was the moose. ''now i am realy mad'' so he used the rapid shooting.
10 hours later in the camp. the air was burning and para where afraid ''dosent rise come soon or i lose the bet''
but there he come '' sry been late i killd the moose with rapid shooting but i shoot like 5 kg gunpowder in the moose so nothing left 2 eat, but when i tuched the moose i got flu B and went 2 the hospital. but now i am back''
it were silen like if some have died but out of nothing ant said ''para u own me 25$''.
Now rise realy want to have a party '' i have an idea we have a pary here in the woods'' but what all know was last rise had a party an air plane had to land on the highway. ''no no no. no party here remember last time.'' '' ooh yea ok no party then. i must have a call. oh hello is it the girls i ordred u cant come and that disko ball, sterio and the flat screen. we cant have it sry.'' ''was is all that for a party in the woods. Evil or Very Mad ANT '' ''how culd i know that he was ordred half of a house for a party''
''i know we call the secret cell to santa '' ''no rise'' ''but eddy plzzz'' ''u know that sant dosent eksist'' ''oo u think of santa with i think about the cherry santa he is soo nice last year he gave me an cherry gande.'' wtf u talk about rise. and second if he give away cherry why a cherry grande'' cues theat was my wish of curse silly. and 2 fly he use his flower power and the animal the pull the gifts is flower '' u kiding rise he dosent eksist and its not that time of year.'' ''y it is. the santa comes on winter cherry santa comes now.'' ''wtf is that rise'' para rised the hand in the air and a glow of dust fell down and a big green flower fall from the sky. ''its the cherry santa . ''bi bi bi hello guys wanna ride in my style flower power sledge.''
''(i know eddy he is not santa so insted of ho ho ho it is bi bi bi)'' ''ehh no thanks'' ''well then here is ur present rise'' ''ty ''.
later next night.
''what do u think i got'' ''realy non of us know'' ''i open it'' ''noooooooooooooo waint til i am in cover behind the stone. run for ur lifes guys'' '' eddy right mabye its a grande'' '' run for ur lifes''
''ok guys is it ok now can i open it now'' ''ok''................... silen followd...............BOOOOOOOOOOM
''wow u right it was a grande how did u know that.''
early next morning all was ready 2 go home. but on the way home (in 1 of the parents car) rise fall aslep(his sis ave been waken him up early allmoast every day) so when he slept he lost his best O'neil cap out of the window.

THE END (this the first story of many more)
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PostSubject: Re: the camping trip   Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:55 am

LOL laughing so hard xD
nice humor btw xD lol lmao rofl
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the camping trip
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