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 ::Clan.War.2-5:: --[sX] vs. [Others]--

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::Clan.War.2-5:: --[sX] vs. [Others]-- Empty
PostSubject: ::Clan.War.2-5:: --[sX] vs. [Others]--   ::Clan.War.2-5:: --[sX] vs. [Others]-- I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2009 10:43 pm

One hell of a chaos today.

Thanks to Badger we could practise alot. First war started against a high-skilled team named 'Insane'.
Insane is taking the 13th place in a BeNeLux league, so losing wasn't that much of a disgrace.

As most of the readers might suspect, we lost big time. None the less it was a great experience. We
even had some after-war training. One of their members, Warrior, decided to help us with tactics, aiming, ...

After the training we decided to get some more experience in this war scene. The training paid off
since we were able to win some rounds finaly. Also, during these three wars, we made alot of changes.
We installed teamspeak, so we could give orders more easily.

Plans started to work out now and we even began to win rounds agains mid-high skilled clans.
Ofcourse there's always the factor luck. We were unlucky several times, so we couldn't win our first war yet.

We're getting better every war though, and allow me to say sorry to those who get frustrated for playing in a beginner
team like ours.
But as any blind man could see, this team has alot of potential. As we gain more war experience in the future, we
will become a good clan.

Let's hope for the better next war, because a first win is getting close.


- Everyone needs to install 'ventrilo' and 'teamspeak', so we can give orders + tips more quickly

- It's just a lack of experience that's bothering us rly... Just play some more de_dust2

=> near the end everything went better, we were even winning the war when we became CT. If we
were able to find a 5th member that could replace Badger, we would've won def!

::Clan.War.2-5:: --[sX] vs. [Others]-- Scqknl
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::Clan.War.2-5:: --[sX] vs. [Others]--
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