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 Server Changelog

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PostSubject: Server Changelog   Server Changelog I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 30, 2011 10:09 pm

Server ChangeLog:

Quote :
Server Version 0.1: (Thursday October 27th 2011) Server up. Currently no configurations.

Quote :
Server Version 0.2: (Friday October 28th 2011): Bounty, Bet, Advertisments and GamerFM put onto the server.

Quote :
Server Version 0.3: (Saturday October 29th 2011): Fixed Advertisments being spammed, Added restriction on Autosnipers, Ranking added, Awp restrict per player also added (8 players) and added bots to the server.

Quote :
Server Version 0.4: (Sunday October 30th 2011): Added SM_Radio but then removed due to loss of certain features (ie Request functions and some radio stations not working. Motd also kept popping up everytime !radio is used which could be annoying for the player), Put up the player limit for awp (12 players), certain server cvars changed and Motd also changed.

Quote :
Server Version 0.5: (Sunday November 6th 2011): Restricted Awp, Changed timelimit of each game from 30 mins to 60 and changed server title ([sX] Office 24/7 :: NoAwp/Auto ::

Quote :

ResetRank Functions don't work properly.

Quote :
Possible Features in the future:

AFK Manager
sv_pure 1 (changes into whitelist)
Ping Kicker (although doubtful, mixed opinions)
Resetscore (Again doubtful)

Quote :
Possible gameplay changes:

Reducing time for each round. (again doubtful seems alright)

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Server Changelog
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