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 ::Clan.War.1:: --[sX] vs. [Optical]--

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::Clan.War.1:: --[sX] vs. [Optical]-- Empty
PostSubject: ::Clan.War.1:: --[sX] vs. [Optical]--   ::Clan.War.1:: --[sX] vs. [Optical]-- I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 9:46 pm

ok folks we get realy pownd last clan war.
some say they cheated some say not but we most learn of all fouls we did not do the some again. Mad
what can we do y learn and do test new taktics ofen.

they kill us all on headshoot. (and i mean only headshoot) that is a thing
that means they use aim bot but any way. if we learns 2 take a lot of headshoot we can do the same as they did.

if we do try 2 only take headshoots for a wile forward we can learn it
(well i need to learn to hit em first) but all u else try it out.
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::Clan.War.1:: --[sX] vs. [Optical]-- Empty
PostSubject: Re: ::Clan.War.1:: --[sX] vs. [Optical]--   ::Clan.War.1:: --[sX] vs. [Optical]-- I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 10:15 pm

One hell of a war last night. It all started in a chaos. We jumped from server to server, but after a while
everything was settled and the war could begin.

First round we started powning. Some great teamwork at T's, no wonder because that was the [sX] clan side.
After a few rounds, the war suddenly restarted. As far as everything went like a piece of cake, the cake
started to get a bit out of date.

The [Optical] clan were a bunch of noobs in the beginning, running around like a chicken without a head. Although, after
the restart they performed better than ever. Matter of fact, they were VERY good!
They were so good, our members could barely get a kill. What looked like it was gonna be a walk over, turned out
to be, well... a walk over. They walked over [sX].

At that point we found out they were cheating. Wallhacking that is. Para wasn't quite sure of that, but soon
all members in our clan agreed on this accusation.

Twelve rounds we suffered from one hell of a stumic ache, bad cake remember, untill we won our first round.
About five or six rounds later we decided to throw the towell and focus on the next war.

A great experience! Too bad the result turned out to be unfair.

IMPROVEMENTS for next war:

- Don't fight cheating clans, lol.

- Don't go spec in a war [Rise]

- Don't get upset after losing a few rounds on a row [Para (and maybe others lol)]

- We need one person to give tactikal orders

- EVERY member have to obey the commands given

- We need more experience on maps like de_dust2

- Rise, never use awp again xD

Things we should keep up:

- Although things went bad, we never got mad at other clanmembers. Good job!

- We kept trying and never gave up, untill we found out the cheating part.

- We def got skills, just try using them as a team and we will turn out to be high skilled clan.

- etc.

======> NOTE: tactikal plans should be discussed in the subforum only members can see.
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::Clan.War.1:: --[sX] vs. [Optical]--
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